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Furthermore, ABSD charges are set to apply even if only a single unit goes unsold. The developers will still be liable for the 15 per cent tax duty even for the single unit. This is a sharp contrast to the application of QC extension charges which are more flexible and progressive, especially in the first year they kick in.
One way that developers can counter ABSD charges is by buying the unsold units themselves when the number is manageable according to Ms. Christine. They will still pay the ABSD charges for the units, so it is imperative to investigate if such a move is fiscally sound.Buyers are the biggest winners, as they are looking forward to reduced house prices in the coming quarter as developers rush to avoid ABSD charges. However, once a developer meets the deadline, it is highly unlikely they will offer the same discounts. There are schools below such as Geylang Methodist Primary School and Tanjong Katong Girls’ School.

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Singapore Foreign Property Sales Plunge as China Pulls Out. Foreign investors such as China have reduced their purchases in Singapore’s private home market following the global financial meltdown. The market is forced to rely on domestic buyers in a time where domestic financing rates are skyrocketing.
Foreigners and domestic investors bought a total of 499 homes in the last quarter of 2015. Data gathered by the consultancy agency, DTZ, indicated that the figure represents 16 per cent of total market transactions compared to more than 30 per cent realized in the third quarter of 2011. The 2011 figures were realized before the introduction of additional stamp duty introduced to regulate the market.

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Property in Singapore, London and Sydney were considered as safe investments near Tanjong Katong Complex and Singapore Post Centre, but new and high taxes have discouraged foreigners from investing in the market. 151 units were purchased by the Chinese, the predominant foreign purchaser in Singapore’s housing market, during October to December. This represented a 40 per cent drop compared to the previous year. That year also represented an 80 per cent plunge compared to 2011’s third quarter.
Chinese investors are currently attracted to the Australian and British market according to Alan Cheong, senior director and consultant at Savilis Singapore. He indicated that the stamp duty needed reforms so as to take advantage of Chinses funds. In a parting shot, he stated that if the government continued to stand by the measures for Paya Lebar Central Condo, then the market stood to miss out on a lot of investor funds.

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The trend also has local buyers worried in Paya Lebar Central Mix Development. The benchmark three-month Singapore Interbank offered rate (Sibor) which sets rates on mortgages is on the rise. This week alone, it rose up to 1.254 per cent, a new high since October 2008.