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According to a statement made by SRX Properties on December 9th, there was a 1.1% decline for Singapore private home rents for last month from the previous months, with there also being a decrease seen in rental volume.

It was a different scenario in the Housing Development Board market, where a fall was seen in rents even with a rise in rental volume.

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According to the flash estimates provided by SRX, the Core Central Region and Outside Central Region saw a fall in rents for private non-landed units of 0.7% for last months, from the month previous. The Rest of Central Region saw home rentals drop 2%.

According to SRX, in comparison to just one year ago, a drop by 5.6% was seen in November for non-landed private home rents, a figure that is 14.6% lower than was seen during its peak in January of 2013.

Meanwhile, a decrease in Alexandra View rental volume was seen by 7.8% last month, from the previous month, with 3,304 estimated rented out. This was, however higher than this period last year by 12.6%.

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op by 0.5% in the Alexandra View market was recorded last month from October, a figure that is 4.1% at this time in 2014.

Of all of the declines, the sharpest was seen amongst executive flats, which showed a drop in rents of 2.5%. 5 room flats showed a 0.7% drop in rents and 4 room flats dipped 0.1% for rents, with an easing of 0.5% in rents for 3 room units.

In Orchard Boulevard Condo mature estates, rents had a decrease of 1% from October to November, with an increase in Alexandra View rents being seen of 0.1% in non-mature estates.

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SRX further added that, last month Housing Development Board rents were down by 8 from the peak they experienced in August of 2013. A rise in HDB rental volume was seen last month by 6.3% from the month prior, with an estimation of flats being leased out Hillhaven Condo Far East at 1,822. SRX further points out that, in comparison to this same time last year, last months rental volume showed a 3.9% rise.

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West Coast Vale

2015’s 3rd Quarter saw the office market drop in capital values and rents causing feelings of uncertainty in the economy for Parc Riviera EL Development West Coast Condo.

Experts believe that the market will remain slowed down with a rather large supply in the pipeline of new space, as well financial institutions continuing to to send some business away from the central city locale into much cheaper suburban areas for West Coast Vale EL Development.

Recent data has shown a drop in office rents to 2.9% from the 2nd Quarter and into the 3rd Quarter, compared to the 2.6% drop seen for 2015’s first 3 months into the 2nd Quarter.

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The 3rd Quarter also saw a drop of 2% in rents for retail space, in comparison to the past 3 months that saw a large rise from its 2nd Quarter drop of 0.5%.

The quarter also saw a dip in West Coast Vale Condo office prices of 0.1% in comparison to its past 3 months. However, according to recent data from URA. this was U-turn from its 2nd Quarter, where a 0.3% increase in price was noted over 2015’s first three months.

One analyst shared that banks continue to curtail their requirements for space by moving a number of their staff that work in the back office to business parks that are much cheaper in the Central Business District for EL Development Condo. Another development launching in West Coast Vale is Twin Vew Condo which is set to launch in 2018.

It was also pointed out that the pressure of costs was beginning to be felt in the legal sector, which is a considerable occupier of EL Development West Coast Condo prime space in the Central Business District. For example, it was reported that the Big Four law firms where cutting bonuses and base pay.

Rents in EL Development Condo West Coast

Concurrently, the insurance sector’s growth may also be slowed down by regulatory directives. Growth in this sector has been tipped as a means of supporting a leasing market that has gone limp. With it being unlikely that the sentiment in the market will improve anytime in the coming months, as a result of a global economy that continues to be weak, it is expected that more declines in rents will be seen in ensuing quarters for West Coast Vale Condo.

Another analyst shared that, even with an office rental index that has markedly softened, stability has continued in the price index, which indicates sellers holding a firm stance on West Coast EL Development Condo prices.

This resilience in price being seen in both retail and office space indicates that sellers and owners position haven’t been affected badly so far by the sluggish economy.

West Coast Vale Condo

There was a slight improvement in the rate of occupancy of office space for the 3rd Quarter, regardless of new lease take-up being weaker. The 3rd Quarter showed a drop down to 62% of space being taken up with just 161,000 square feet in comparison to the 2nd Quarter that showed the amount of space being taken up at 409,000 square feet.

There was an improvement seen in West Coast Vale Condo vacancy rates islandwide, which went from 9.8% to 9.6% as a result of 32,000 square feet of office stock being removed. However, it is expected that the rate of vacancy overall will grow into the double digits in 2016 as a result of a record supply that will be nearly 4 million square feet.

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